summary reports

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communication for development

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research and evaluation

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disaster response

2011: Romo-Murphy E, James R and Adams M. Facilitating Disaster Preparedness Through Local Radio Broadcasting, he Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management, Volume 35 Issue 3, July 2011, Manuscript ID DISA-May-09-0303.R1.

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aboriginal health communication

Leach V, James R, McManus A, Thompson SC. 2012. Changing the News: A media engagement toolkit for Aboriginal health professionals. Health Communication Resources, Perth

Leach V, James R, McManus A, Thompson SC. 2012. Aboriginal health and the mainstream news media. Health Communication Resources, Perth

On one hand, Aboriginal health professionals yearn for media to publicise their events and to carry information and educational messages as a component of public health campaigns. And advocates for Aboriginal health look for opportunities to engage various strategies to mobilise the media in support of health-related political, economic, policy and welfare reform.

On the other hand, there is no end to the criticism of news media based on perceptions of how the media negatively impacts Aboriginal health.

People working in the Aboriginal health sector in Western Australia started a process to improve media engagement, to strengthen the Aboriginal health profile and influence public opinion through news media.

That process included a wide-ranging investigation of the issues that led to a tailored media management and advocacy skills training workshop and mentoring program, for Aboriginal health and related professionals.

The participation of Aboriginal health and media professionals throughout the Aboriginal Health Communication Project resulted in two toolkits being produced.

One toolkit was to guide Aboriginal health professionals who initiate contact with the media or to respond to journalists seeking a comment or story. Download

The second toolkit, to guide journalists as they navigate the Aboriginal health sector in the course of news gathering and reportage, consists of advice given by participating Aboriginal health professionals to journalists.

The project was a partnership between HCR, WACHP, WACRH and funding from Healthway.

peacebuilding radio

In partnership with Search for Common Ground and Radio for Peacebuilding, HCR designed a training manual for peacebuilding radio. Designed as Part 2 of a two-part manual you can find Jon Hargreaves and Francis Rolt's Radio Soap Operas for Peacebuilding: a guide here.  Francis Rolt's Part 1 of the two manuals can be found here. Read more about Francis Rolt and Radio for Peacebuilding here.