Amplifying Voices through SALT

What: ‘Amplifying Voices through SALT’ aims to strengthen people’s resilience, health and well- being by promoting effective engagement with service providers and using the radio to amplify voices in local communities. SALT is an acronym meaning ‘Strengthen, Amplify, Listen and Transform’ and it is a facilitated process that is conversational and story-based in order to deepen relationships and build trust in the community. Our local partner, Believers Broadcast Network (BBN) operates a large Christian Radio Station and counselling centre, working with churches, local people and health facilities through the project. 

Outcomes: The project is currently active in seven communities in Freetown with a strong group of volunteers from the community, clinic and the churches who regularly meet with people in their homes to listen to and appreciate their concerns, their hopes and their strengths. This way of working is generating positive local actions led by the community themselves. People are seeing their potential and ability to create change in their own lives and not waiting for outside help to fix everything. In three years, we have witnessed tangible, measurable and material changes including pipe borne water, feeder road construction and community centre construction. As a result of this work, there is more effective dialogue between stakeholders, stronger participation in community projects and improved social capital amongst community volunteers.

Our Role: HCR provided consultancy, training, and technical facilitation. HCR also raised funds to support SALT activities and development of radio content.

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