HCR Pakistan seeks to empower communities and increase participation to bring about transformation. We honour the communities we work with by handing over the microphone to community members. We trust local people will bring change in their lives as we promote dialogue, peace and love among communities of all faiths.

  • We want to see communities live in peace and a spirit of forgiveness, respecting the rights of others especially women and children.

  • We want to see communities flourish and live healthy lives (physical, mental and spiritual)

  • We want to see people, who were once marginalized, engaging in society and becoming voice for those who are still not heard.

HCR Pakistan provides equipment, training and mentoring to the Naway Saher (New Dawn) community services group in Charsadda, KPK. Naway Saher promotes community health, dialogue, and social cohesion by creating community-centred media alongside off-air activities.

In 2018, HCR Pakistan, in partnership with FRR International, trained and commissioned a First Response Radio (FRR) Pakistan team. FRR equips and trains teams formed from radio broadcasters, NGOs and Government partners to respond in time of disaster. FRR Pakistan response uses a community-centred radio approach to keep dialogue and critical information flowing in time of disaster. The goal is to set up a radio station for the affected community within 72 hours of a disaster.

Hazeen Latif, CEO

Hazeen Latif, CEO

HCR international became involved in Pakistan in 2006 when they assisted through local partners using FM to design a radio program to give education and information to those affected by 2005 earthquake in Muzaffarabad (AJK)

HCR Pakistan was formed in 2013 with Mr Hazeen Latif as Director. Mr Latif is now CEO and HCR Pakistan is registered as a foundation and not-for profit organization under the Society Act 1866.  

Hazeen has worked for 30 years in radio broadcasting (SW, commercial FM and community radio). He brings a wide range of local and international experience to training and project design.

Please contact HCR Pakistan directly via the HCR Pakistan Facebook page, or write to Hazeen using our Contact us page.