What: The Adivasi Voices Project promotes health education in an isolated and marginalised community in Maharashtra state, India. Using off-air activities such as health camps and community visits, alongside audio content on speakerboxes

Outcomes: The project is currently active in two communities. Only one community currently has access to speaker boxes.

A baseline survey revealed low level of health and well-being in the community was due largely to poor water, sanitation and hygiene as well as harmful superstitious practices. Child marriage and early pregnancy is causing high levels of malnutrition

Both communities have benefited from health camps, with around 200 people receiving treatment in each village.

Villagers with speakerboxes have reported changes in personal hygiene practice, better care for mothers giving birth, and improved knowledge about protecting drinking water as a result of listening to the audio content.

Our Role: HCR provided consultancy, training, speakerboxes, project design support and facilitated formative and base-line research. HCR also raised funds to support Seva activities and development of audio content, monitoring and evaluation.

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