Sustainable Development Goals

It's been over four years since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by leaders around the world. Different to the Millennium Development Goals, the 17 SDGs reflect that EVERYONE has a role to play in the sustainable development of our future. We know community media is an essential component towards achieving the SDGs, which is why we are facilitating community-centred media around the world to support communities live life in all their fullness, free from poverty, injustice and conflict.

Some of the ways in which we support the SDG’s include:

  • Working with partners in Tana River, Kenya, to promote peace by providing verified and reliable information through community media, reducing the conflict that in the past has developed through fake news.

  • Encouraging communities in the Mid West of Western Australia to develop localised media campaigns around health and wellbeing.

  • Promoting women’s equality through community radio in Pakistan.

  • Empowering health services to provide critical information on water sanitation in India.

  • Promoting indigenous practices that support the environment and sustainability of the land and sea.

Most importantly, partnerships are vital (goal 17) to ensure we are able to support and empower communities around the world.

Photo credit: UN