HCR has previously been involved in hosting undergraduate and master’s students for practicum experience.


HCR is currently involved in community development projects in the Mid-west region of WA, focusing on Geraldton and Carnarvon. This exposes students to challenging and rewarding life-changing experiences in a rural setting.

A student investigated the feasibility of Radio MAMA (Geraldton) providing emergency messages to the township of Carnarvon. She lived in Carnarvon for a few weeks to interview stakeholders. The activity produced: community service announcements to be broadcast on Radio MAMA; a manual with instructions for on-air staff to follow at the time of a disaster or emergency; and produced a literature review.


Previously we have managed a student placement project in Indonesia. HCR and partners created opportunities for university students from Australia and Indonesia to work on a practical project in Bali. The Bali Work Placement (BWP) gave students an opportunity to live and work for three weeks in a traditional community setting, contributing to a project that positively impacted the people who live there. More

Students conducted an assessment of community health and social needs. An environment activity was undertaken in partnership with local organisations. After a brief study, the team developed a health promotion plan and radio messages to support a locally-led initiative. A strong partnership was built and Heartline Bali received national publicity for its involvement in a project called Say No To Plastic. Click here to read a newspaper article about it.

Other work placement teams worked on nutrition activities. One project focused on breastfeeding patterns in partnership with the local health department. Another project documented experiences of local health volunteers; another began raising physical activity levels in a local high school.

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