What: In Mindanao, Southern Philippines, Radio Gandingan (RG) is an educational and advocacy radio program that is produced by community members.

Our Role: HCR raised funds for and delivered consultancy and training in using radio programming for health and social development. The project also receives financial assistance from international partnering organisations.

Outcomes: Trained marginalised communities and disabled people to participate in the design, gathering and presentation of audio for radio programs. Listeners say the radio program has contributed to a reduction of community violence and increased family dynamics. Listeners report major personal, family and community behaviour change that improve health and social capital outcomes as well as reduce inter-religious tensions. Volunteers who participate for a number of years are trained to become trainers to volunteers from new villages that ask to take part in the RG project. A series of sequenced evaluations since 2004 shows positive transformation has taken place in every aspect of the project. 

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