Radio Djati - Banda Aceh, Indonesia

What: In an effort to improve and enhance quality of life for Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Radio Djati provides community education and advocacy through on-air programming and off-air activities.

Our Role: HCR managed Djati as a pilot project for the Rapid Response Radio Unit initiative developed by HCR but which has now become an independent organisation. An international partner funded the radio station and HCR delivered consultancy and training in using radio programming for health and social development.

Outcomes: Radio Djati supported the December 2004 tsunami recovery operation. Developed training and programming for disaster risk reduction and disaster mitigation and preparedness. Undertook a major survey in collaboration with non-governmental organisations. Forty-one percent of the respondents said that radio messages helped them recognise that DMP can save lives; 19% said they had learned, by listening, how they could act to limit the impact of a disaster. Community members from vulnerable populations developed radio DMP messages.

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